April Simpson

April Simpson

South Florida-based freelance journalist and writer for an international development charity.

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Mountain gorilla article
International Business Times

Central Africa's Ecotourism Set To Rebound, Though Lingering ...

In resource-rich Eastern Congo, the latest threat to mountain gorillas and their habitats isn't rebel groups, but oil drilling.

Stringio article

African Teens Struggle with The Stigma of Disclosing HIV Status ...

A special dispatch from a young, staff Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Fulbright Scholar

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Seattle Times

NW Companies | Seattle Times Newspaper

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - Page updated at 11:50 a.m.
The Seattle Times' 19th annual ranking of the region's top public companies for 2009 and a special analysis of the top companies of the decade, 2000...

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Miami Art Zine

At University of Miami Exhibit, Artists of Color Examine the American Dream

Tomie Arai, Peach Boy, 2003. Etching. ©TomieArai.The black and white etching of a Chinese boy staring blankly ahead and wearing an over-sized cowboy suit, reminds Robert Lee, co-curator of “Infinite M...

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South Florida Times

Local tennis player grabs wild card spot at U.S. Open

Written by APRIL SIMPSON Special to South Florida Times. Thursday, 22 August 2013. sachia_cc_fc.jpg MIRAMAR ó When Sachia Vickery competes...

Seattle Times

Michelle Obama's message to young African women

GABORONE, Botswana — At an intimate gathering at a nursery and tea garden — a green patch in Botswana's otherwise dry and dusty capital city — first lady Michelle Obama approached a tearful Kemiso Nto...

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The Christian Science Monitor

'Olympics of Debating'? - Christian Science Monitor

A team from Australia's Monash University won this year's World Universities Debate Championships on Monday night, but the tiny African nation of Botswana chalked up its own victory as host.

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South Florida Times

First black BSO chaplain deemed caring pastor

Written by APRIL SIMPSON. Friday, 26 April 2013. nathaniel_knowles_cc_fc.jpg BROWARD ñ On a recent Sunday at Emmanuel Christian Center Ministries,...

South Florida Times

HIV tests casualty of sequester

Three months into the sequester, mandated spending cuts that kicked in after Congress failed to agree on how to reduce the federal deficit, Florida state and county public health officials remain uncertain how it will impact their HIV/AIDS services.

Stringio article
South Florida Times

Perry to spotlight education

Written by APRIL SIMPSON. Thursday, 19 September 2013. perry_web.jpg FORT LAUDERDALE ó Black male students in Broward County graduate from...

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The Boston Globe

Unity on Martin Luther King Day

Governor Deval Patrick criticized the US Supreme Court yesterday for considering stepping back from its 1954 decision banning segregation in public schools, a ruling that became a pillar for the civil...

The Boston Globe

Unlearning preconceptions - The Boston Globe

Mischke, whose father was a potter, grew up in Putney, Vt., and attended Castleton State College for two years, before moving to Northampton. He said he was attracted to the bustling drug trade in nea...